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What aspects of modern coal chemical projects can save energy?

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As a high-energy-consuming industry, the coal chemical industry needs to use advanced technology and efficient energy-saving measures in the process of project implementation to achieve energy conservation. The project can effectively reduce energy consumption and production costs.
So, what energy-saving measures can we adopt? Zhongke Yujie takes you to see!
(1) Raw material combination kits, such as natural gas and coal, use hydrocarbon complementary technology to achieve complementary advantages of the two raw materials, which can increase production, greatly reduce production energy consumption, and reduce greenhouse gas carbon dioxide emissions. .
(2) Coal gasification adopts advanced powder coal gasification process, high efficiency of cold gas, high carbon conversion rate and high thermal efficiency; low inert gas content in coal gas and high utilization rate of raw coal.
(3) Under the selected core technical conditions, optimize the total process flow of the whole plant, so that the choice of other technologies can meet the requirements of the whole process optimization.
(4) The device adopts joint arrangement and hot feed between devices, which reduces the number of intermediate tanks and heat loss.
(5) Comprehensive utilization of waste heat generated by the process, used for by-product steam, process heating or preheating boiler feed water to improve the utilization efficiency of process waste heat.
(6) Reasonable safety The whole plant steam balance and steam pipe network grade, use the residual heat of the device to generate high-grade steam, and make full use of the pressure energy between the steam of each grade. Colleagues optimized the steam used in the various systems of the whole plant to achieve a balance between the steam and steam production of the whole plant.
(7) Large rotating equipment is driven by steam to reduce the efficiency loss of the energy conversion process.
(8) The combination of power supply and process, high and medium pressure steam is used as power first, driving process turbine equipment, and back pressure is used in the process to improve energy utilization efficiency.
(9) Using air cooling technology, it saves a lot of circulating water consumption.
(10) Deeply utilizing the condensed water, boiler blowdown and production sewage generated by the device and system, and the treated recovered water is used as circulating water for water; as far as possible, the equipment and process capable of multi-use can be used as much as possible. Save water consumption and reduce energy consumption.
(11) Reduce the amount of fresh water, reduce sewage, clean up and divert. The sewage into the sewage treatment site is high-concentration sewage and low-concentration sewage, and the high-concentration sewage is discharged after treatment, and the low-concentration sewage is treated and reused.
(12) The heat exchanger adopts high-efficiency, low-pressure drop heat exchanger to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption; select high-efficiency pump and high-efficiency energy-saving motor in the selection of pump to improve equipment efficiency; and use hydraulic turbine to recover high pressure according to the situation The energy of the liquid.
(13) Make full use of the heat of the heating furnace system, reasonably arrange the feeding, and improve the efficiency of the heating furnace. At the same time, the heating furnace system uses a waste heat recovery system to recover the waste heat in the flue gas.
(14) Select high-efficiency transformers and electrical equipment, and reasonably select the capacity of the pump and drive motor.
(15) The advanced automatic control system is adopted to make each system operate under optimized conditions and improve the energy consumption level of the whole plant.
(16) Strengthen the insulation and heat preservation of equipment and pipelines, select high-quality insulation materials for all high-temperature equipment and pipelines, reduce heat dissipation and cooling, and improve the heat recovery rate of equipment and systems.