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What are the advantages and disadvantages of piston compressors? How do we do energy?

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The piston compressor is driven by a motor, and the motor drives the crankshaft to make a circular motion through a coupling or a gear or a belt. The main components of the compressed gas are composed of cylinders, pistons and valves. The piston reciprocates in the cylinder, causing the volume of the working chamber to expand and contract. When the volume is enlarged, the pressure inside the cylinder is reduced, and the inlet pipe gas enters the cylinder. When the expansion reaches the maximum, the end point is reached, the suction is completed; the volume of the piston is reduced when the piston returns, the pressure inside the cylinder rises, and the compression process is completed when the compression reaches the outlet pressure and the resistance of the spring is overcome; when the pressure in the cylinder is slightly higher than the outlet pressure, the outlet The shutter opens to begin the exhaust process until the piston is running to the end point and completes a cycle.
So what are the characteristics of piston compressors:
Features of the piston compressor:
(1) The piston compressor has a wide range of applicable pressures, and the required pressure can be achieved regardless of the flow rate;
(2) The piston compressor has high thermal efficiency and low power consumption per unit;
(3) It has strong adaptability, that is, the exhaust gas range is wide, and it is not affected by the pressure level, and can adapt to a wide range of pressure and cooling capacity;
(4) The piston compressor is highly maintainable;
(5) The piston compressor has low material requirements, and the common steel materials are used, the processing is easier, and the cost is lower;
(6) Piston compressors are relatively mature in technology and have accumulated rich experience in production and use;
(7) The system of the piston compressor is relatively simple.
Disadvantages of piston compressors:
(1) The speed is not high, the machine is large and heavy;
(2) The structure is complex, the wearing parts are large, and the maintenance is large;
(3) The exhaust gas is discontinuous, causing the airflow to pulsate;
(4) There is a large vibration during operation.
In the traditional air compressor drive motor is no speed regulation, generally use the upper and lower pressure detection of the cylinder to start or stop the motor work or install the clutch to achieve a relatively constant pressure control, usually the number of starts and stops are specified, such as more than 200KW Generally, the motor should not start or stop more than 4 times per hour, and the air compressor has 6-7 times of inrush current when it starts, which impacts the power grid and mechanical load. The compressor is all useless when the air compressor is unloaded during loading; The pressure is unnecessary because the loading pressure setting is the minimum demand pressure. There is a large energy waste in operation.