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How to reduce the power consumption of injection molding machines, improve their own work efficiency

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Usually, the injection molding machine will have a problem of high power consumption. What are the reasons? For the traditional injection molding machine, how to expand the space for energy saving?
The electric energy consumption of the injection molding machine is mainly manifested in the following parts: (1) electric energy consumption of the hydraulic system oil pump; (2) electric energy consumption of the heater; and (3) electric energy consumption of the circulating cooling water pump. Among them, the power consumption of the hydraulic oil pump accounts for more than 80% of the electricity consumption of the entire injection molding machine, so reducing the power consumption is the key to energy saving of the injection molding machine.
The pressure and flow rate of the injection molding machine during the clamping, clamping, injection, cooling, pressure holding, mold opening, etc. are all changed. When the oil demand of the injection molding machine changes, the overflow is set at the outlet of the oil pump. The valve regulates the load pressure and flow while the output power of the motor does not change, thus wasting energy.
So, what are the energy-saving retrofit methods for injection molding machines?
(1) Using injection molding machine power saving system
Zhongke Yujie independently developed a power-saving system that uses closed-loop control to detect the pressure and flow signals of the injection molding machine through sensors, and automatically adjusts the speed of the oil pump motor so that the oil supply is consistent with the requirements of the injection molding machine (ie, reduces the output power) to achieve energy savings. the goal of.
(2) Nano-energy-saving heating ring for injection molding machine
For the heating and energy saving of the injection molding machine barrel, the infrared radiation conduction mode is adopted, and the nano infrared energy-saving electric heating ring is installed outside the heating object, so that the heat energy is unidirectionally transmitted, effectively transmitted to the heating body, and the thermal inertia is small, the temperature control precision is high; the thermal efficiency is high More than 99%, saving more than 30%.
(3) Injection molding machine energy-saving insulation cover
Insulation and energy saving for injection molding machine barrels, reducing heat loss and energy saving, covering plastic extrusion, injection molding and surface temperature, reducing heat loss to save energy, thereby saving electricity for production and air conditioning.