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These nine ways can effectively help air compressors save energy

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As one of the general equipments in the manufacturing industry, the air compressor can do a good job in energy saving of air compressors, which can effectively help the group to save production costs. So how do you make the air compressor energy efficient?
 First, governance leakage
According to estimates, a 1mm small hole, under the pressure of 7bar, the leakage is about 1.5L / S, check all the pipe network and the use of gas points, especially joints, valves, etc., in time to deal with leaks.
Second, pressure drop treatment
Set the pressure gauge to check the pressure through the pipeline section, check the pressure drop of each section in detail, and check the maintenance of the defective pipe network section in time. Generally, the air compressor is exported to the gas point, and the pressure drop cannot exceed 1 bar. It is no more than 10% or 0.7 bar, and the pressure drop of the cold-drying filter section is generally 0.2 bar. The factory should arrange the ring pipe network as much as possible to balance the gas pressure at each point.
Third, adjust the gas equipment pressure matching
Evaluate the pressure requirements of the gas equipment and, in the case of production, reduce the air compressor discharge pressure as much as possible. The air compressor discharge pressure is reduced by 1 bar, and the energy saving is about 7%-10%.
Fourth, adjust the irrational use of gas behavior
According to the data analysis, the energy utilization rate of the air compressor is only about 10%, and about 90% of it is converted into heat energy loss. It is necessary to evaluate the pneumatic equipment of the enterprise, and whether it can be solved by electric means. At the same time, we should resolutely put an end to the routine cleaning work with compressed air.
Fifth, the use of centralized control mode
The number of air compressors is small, and a variable frequency air compressor can be used for pressure regulation. If the number is large, centralized linkage control can be adopted to avoid the stepped exhaust pressure rise caused by the parameter setting of multiple air compressors.
Sixth, do equipment maintenance and cleaning
Increase the heat dissipation effect of the air compressor, exchange effect of heat exchangers such as water cooling and air cooling, and keep the oil quality clean.
Seven, air compressor waste heat recovery
Recycling air compressor oil system heat to prepare hot water for other processes or auxiliary living facilities.
Eight, drying system transformation or replacement
The new drying equipment uses the residual heat of the air compressor to dry and dehydrate the compressed air, and the energy saving rate exceeds 80%.
Nine, system energy-saving transformation