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Intelligent phase-control energy-saving system
What is the intelligent phase-control energy-saving system? 
1.Intelligent phase-control energy-saving system improves the electricity efficiency and conversion
rate dynamically with the smart CPU controlling.
2. Intelligent phase-control energy-saving system adjusts the power quality of the electricity system
dynamically and intelligently, with it’s embedded real-time switching&controlling system. 
3.Intelligent phase-control energy-saving system monitors the quality of the electricity system synchronously with intelligent sensing technology, and protects the electrical equipment from over-current, over-voltage, overload damage.
4.Intelligent phase-control energy-saving system reduces the wire loss of the electric system caused
from the over-current, over-heating, so it can prevent fire and reduce the incidence of fire effectively.  
5.Intelligent phase-control energy-saving system can recycle the garbage energy from the electricity system, stabilize the voltage, reduce the current, the
harmonic, protect the the transformer and electric equipment. 
6.Intelligent phase-control energy-saving system can reduce the waste energy caused by the imbalance of three phase, improve the using efficiency of
the electric equipment.
7.Intelligent phase-control energy-saving system is suitable for 3P3W/3P4W, 50Hz / 60Hz, 380 ~ 400V electricity system.