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Saving principle
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The principle of saving power bill with KZD power saver.
KZD saves the power bill by adjusting the current, harmonics, power factor, heating and voltagefrom the electricity system.
1. KZD power saver is installed after the electric meter or close to inductive load, it saves power
for the loads after the power meter, so, it is 100% legal.
2. There's smart energy storage unit with controllers inside of KZD power savers. KZD power saver compensates electricity for the power system, reduces the current, thus to reduce the extra consumption of power, and protect the load and prolong the lifespan of the electricity equipment.
3.There's over-voltage protection, over-current protection,over-temperature protection function for KZD power saver. And it controls the instant surge,
improves the harmonic wave, the voltage, and the system temperature.
4. KZD power saver improves the power factor to add more energy efficiency for the whole power system, which drives the loads under working with high
efficiently and less power consumption.
5.KZD power saver reduces the wire lost for the whole power system and reduces the over-heating for the loads which brings more power saving for the
electricity system.
6.During the summer time,when there is more working loads,the power system is over loading. But after using of KZD power saver, the over-loading
problem will be improved perfectly.